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As an editor, I often work behind the scenes, helping writers to bring stories to life. These are some of my favorite features and packages that I have edited.


Southwest: The Magazine
April 2019

How a millennial who believes in both Mozart and metrics saved a California orchestra, redefining the classical concert experience as we know it.

Editor Note: I pitched this story for our music issue. In addition to assigning and editing the piece, I conducted additional interviews and wrote a sidebar on out-of-the-box programming. It's the most-read story on


Southwest: The Magazine
Nov. 2018

To capture the quiet allure of the winter season, we asked four writers to share moments that stuck with them long after the ground thawed.

Editor Note: I assigned these mini essays as part of a larger package that I wrote called "Embrace the Elements." Each essay
represents one of the four elements.

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